MasterRoc MG01

MasterRoc MG01

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High-yield, High-strength Thixotropic Cablebolt Grout

MasterRoc MG 01 is a high yield, shrinkage compensated and thixotropic grout for placement of cable and rock bolts in civil tunnels and underground mines.

Recommended uses:

  • MasterRoc MG 01 is particularly suitable as a grout used for the encapsulation of roof bolts and cable anchors where the “top-down” grouting method is preferred.
  • MasterRoc MG 01 has been specially developed to give a high yield (volume) of grout without segregation or bleed whilst providing excellent compressive strengths

What are the unique features of MasterRoc MG 01?

MasterRoc MG 01 is extremely pumpable but shows rapid thixotropy to restrict flow into surrounding strata.

What are the benefits of MasterRoc MG 01?

  • Economical to use, due to high yield and rapid thixotropy
  • Small grout tube diameters mean smaller diameter drill holes can be used
  • Eliminates the requirement for sealing of the collar and plate with cotton waste etc
  • Good ultimate strength to ensure the permanence and safety of critical installations
  • Extended working time (over 30 minutes at 20°C) enabling easier cleanup of pumps and hoses
  • Shrinkage compensated for greater bond strength to surrounding strata
  • High bond to steel