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Gap Seal 300ml White Sealant

Gap Seal

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General purpose acrylic gap filler

Bostik Gap Seal is a general purpose, water based, acrylic gap filler, suitable for use on interior and exterior areas prior to painting. It offers excellent adhesion properties suitable for sealing gaps and low movement joints.

Recommended Uses

Bostik Gap Seal can be used on:

  • Skirting boards, architraves, plasterboard, window and door frames
  • For low movement joints, between light partition walls
  • Filling cracks in plaster, brickwork, concrete aluminum, wood and glass

Product Details

  • Excellent sealing and adhesion
  • Slump resistant
  • Skins within 15 minutes
  • Can be painted over after 2 hours*
  • Water clean up
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Low VOC


Bostik Gap Seal can be painted over with most types of paint. Depending on the gap size and weather conditions, it can be painted over after 2 hours for acrylic paint and about 2-3 days for oil based paint. In general, the larger the gap sizes, the longer the drying time.