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Ultraset DX

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Quick setting, controlled foaming, timber flooring adhesive

Bostik Ultraset DX® is a single pack, semi rigid, controlled foaming, quick set, moisture cured polyurethane adhesive. When fully cured, this adhesive provides a very strong bond with excellent resistance to water.

Bostik Ultraset DX® is designed for bonding porous to porous or porous to non-porous substrates.

Recommended Uses

A high-strength adhesive for bonding timber flooring to timber and concrete subfloors. Ideal for Residential and Commercial applications. 

Product Details

  • Expands to fill minor voids in uneven surfaces
  • Very high bond strength
  • Fast set
  • Single pack, no mixing
  • Good wet grab and initial bond
  • Good economical coverage up to 22m2