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Overview of APP & SBS Sheet Membranes

The sheet membrane range of waterproofing products from Ardex incorporates bituminous sheet membranes for a wide variety of roofing and tanking situations. The range comprises of both Atactic Polypropylene (APP) and Styrene Butadiene Styrene (SBS) torch applied products. Details for each product are contained in the individual Product Data Sheet with other resources in our product selection guides here and here.

Photo from an installation of Ardex Waterproofing System WPM 117, WPM 150 & WPM 185 at Bondi in 2021. Original images can be found here.


APP or Atactic polypropylene is used to improve the properties of the distilled bitumen basis. These products provide heat and UV resistance required for our climate. 

SBS or Styrene butadiene styrene is also used to improve the bitumen properties, but provide greater flexibility in colder temperatures. The SBS systems are not appropriate for applications where UV exposure is anticipated. 


The Ardex Modified Bitumen & SBS Torch-On Membranes product selection guide provides a snapshot comparison of the products below and the system recommendations shows how the products fit together depending on site requirements. As mentioned, for detailed information and complete system advice, please contact your Komerco or Ardex representative or refer to the products' TDS


Ardex WPM 114 - 4.0mm APP Vented Base Sheet

Ardex  WPM 114 is an APP plastomeric type modified bitumen membrane vented base sheet, consisting of a specially formulated bituminous compound of distilled asphalt modified with selected high-grade viscoelastic polymers. Ardex WPM 114 is used as part of a multilayer waterproofing system where there may be potential moisture issue in the substrate. 

Ardex WPM 116 - 2.7mm Bitumen Fibre-backed Base Sheet

Ardex WPM 116 is a polyester backed fibreglass reinforced modified bituminous membrane normally installed as a base layer in multi-layer Shelterbit systems. Ardex WPM 116 (Shelterbit fibre-backed base sheet ) has been specially designed for application to heat sensitive substrates such as timber or thermal insulation. It is also ideally suited for use as a base layer on rough or uneven surfaces, over sound existing membranes such as rubber, PVC, bitumen, acrylic and polyurethane. It can be loose laid, mechanically fastened, adhered with Ardex WA 98 Adhesive or laid in holt-melt bitumen using a hot roll and pour method. 

Ardex WPM 117 - 2.0mm SBS Fibreglass Reinforced Bituminous Membrane (Shelterstick Self-Adhesive Membrane)

Ardex WPM 117 is a 2.0mm self-adhesive membrane providing absolute waterproofing with a high resistance to hydrostatic pressure. The Peel and Stick nature of Ardex WPM 117 means no naked flames during the install - increasing the safety of application. Ardex WPM 117 also has the added advantage of being able to be torched over with subsequent layers. Ardex WPM 117 is also designed to be applied over heat sensitive substrates such as PVC, metals, insulation and in some instances; smooth faced waterproofing membranes (please seek advice from Ardex for approved membranes).  

Ardex WPM 150 - 3.0mm Combined Reinforced APP Bitumen Membrane

Ardex WPM 150 is a 3.0mm (nominal) thick combined reinforced (polyester and fibreglass) APP modified bituminous torch applied membrane. It is used as a base or mid layer in a multi-layer bituminous system. 

Ardex WPM 185 - 4.5kg/m2 Mineral Coated APP Bitumen Membrane (Shelterbit Mineral Membrane)

Ardex WPM 185 is a 4.0mm (nominal) thick combined reinforced (polyester and fibreglass) APP modified bituminous torch applied membrane with a mineral slate finish. Designed as a cap layer in exposed membrane systems. Available in grey only. 

Ardex WPM 188 - 3mm Garden Tanking SBS Bitumen Membrane (Shelterbit Garden Membrane)

Ardex WPM 188 is a 3.0mm (nominal) thick combined reinforced (polyester and fibreglass) with root inhibitors to prevent damage from plant roots. Ardex WPM 188 has been designed for waterproofing landscape and planter box areas. It is also used in single or multi-layer systems in horizontal or vertical taking applications. Ardex WPM 188 is also suitable for colder climate conditions. 

Ardex WPM 444 - 4.1mm Reinforced APP Bitumen Membrane (Shelterbit Phoenix Star)

Ardex WPM 444 is an APP plastomeric type modified bitumen membrane, consisting of a specially formulated bituminous compound of distilled asphalt modified with selected high grade visco-elastic polymers and reinforced with a combined reinforcement (polyester & fibreglass). 

Primers, Adhesives & Sealants

Ardex WPM 240 - A solvent based bitumen modified primer to be used to seal and prepare the substrates prior to the installation of torch applied (shelterbit) membranes. 

Ardex WA 98 - Specially formulated adhesive for Ardex WPM 116 for full or partial adhesion to suitable substrate.

Ardex Bituminous Roof Sealant - a one component, easy-to-use, UV-stable sealant with bitumen based solvents. It is used for gluing and sealing on roofs.