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When it comes to safeguarding structures from damage, waterproofing is a crucial line of defence. Structural waterproofing maintains the integrity of any structure by preventing water intrusion that could cause deterioration or structural failure. This protective process can lead to significant cost savings through reduced need for maintenance and repairs.

The diverse applications of waterproofing extend beyond traditional building structures like roofs, walls, floors, basements, balconies, decks and flooring. To below-grade applications like basements, foundations and tunnels, as well as intricate areas like outlets, pipe penetrations, corners and construction joints. 

Whether you're considering concrete waterproofing or waterproofing for large-scale building projects, a bridge or other industrial needs, this is a vital consideration to ensure the longevity of your project. 

At Komerco, we provide solutions and accessories for diverse waterproofing requirements. With top-tier brands known for their efficacy and reliability and products that can work together to form a comprehensive and efficient waterproofing system.

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