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Grouts and Anchors 

Grouts, also known as Precision Grouts, are free-flowing, high-strength materials that harden over time. They are used for filling voids under machines, structural elements, and for the grouting of anchors. Grouts are essential for equipment and machinery that require precise alignment or uniform support. Due to irregularities in both the concrete surface and the machine base, there can be alignment challenges and bearing load concentrations. To address this, machine bases are aligned and levelled, and the space between the machine base and the foundation is filled with a load transfer material, such as Cementitious or Epoxy Grouts.

Cementitious Grouts are made from a blend of cement, aggregate, and water. These grouts are traditionally used and are suitable for general-purpose applications. While Epoxy Grouts are composed of epoxy resins and fillers, known for their high resistance to chemicals, wear, and their ability to handle dynamic loads, making them ideal for precise, demanding environments and industrial settings.

Anchors on the other hand are devices or fasteners used to attach objects or structures to concrete. There are primarily two types: 

Chemical Anchors use chemical adhesives, often epoxy-based, to bond the anchor into the concrete or masonry. Once cured, they provide a strong bond resistant to vibration and dynamic loads. Epoxy is the most common type of chemical anchor, known for its high-strength adhesive properties, making it ideal for structural applications. There are also Vinylester anchors, which are resistant to corrosion, and Polyester anchors, suitable for light-duty applications.

Mechanical Anchoring involves physical devices, like expansion anchors or screw anchors, that secure objects to concrete through mechanical means. As they're installed, they expand or thread into the material for a secure fit.

Both grouts and anchors play a pivotal role in construction, ensuring strength, stability, and the long-term structural integrity of equipment and property. Grouts help distribute loads evenly, protect against moisture, corrosion, and chemical attacks, and are extensively used in civil engineering and mining markets. They are vital for roof support, bridges, highways, railways, building structures, crane rails, machine bases, and wind farms. Anchors ensure fixtures are securely attached to their intended substrate. They are versatile and can be used for fixtures, railings, guardrails, signage, light fixtures, and more. Chemical Anchors, in particular, offer flexibility in places where mechanical anchoring might not be feasible due to space or material constraints.

At Komerco, we stock high-quality grouts and anchors from brands like Ramset, Soudal, Sika, Parchem & Fosroc, Master Builders Solutions and Ardex. If you have any product related enquiries contact our team today.