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Concrete Repair and Protection

Concrete repair and protection is essential to extending the life of any concrete structure and is generally much quicker, cost-effective and better for the environment than rebuilding or replacing. Cured concrete loses its ability to hold the binding materials together due to environmental exposure - particularly in aggressive environments such as near coastlines or in industrial applications. Concrete repair products are used to restore cracked, chipped or crumbling concrete surfaces with concrete protection products designed to help reduce the substrate’s exposure to damaging effects.

One of the most common reasons for concrete degradation is internal damage when the reinforcing steel material begins to deteriorate. Once this material starts to weaken, the hardened concrete surrounding the reinforcing steel begins to crack, exposing the steel and causing it to rust. As the steel is further exposed, it degrades faster as does the surrounding concrete. This creates a vicious cycle of degradation of concrete structures often referred to as ‘concrete cancer’. Small cracks in concrete are common, however these cracks allow for moisture and gases to seep into the concrete, creating a structural problem that is difficult to mend. It is therefore worthwhile to invest in concrete protection materials to help prevent water ingress and carbonisation of the concrete to increase its life. 

At Komerco, we stock a range of concrete repair and protection products to ensure our clients’ concrete stays clean, fresh, remains structurally sound and prevents deterioration for a long time. We sell repair mortars, injection systems, protective coatings, cathodic protection, bonding agents & primers, shotcrete & renders. To find out more about the right products to use for a project, contact our team today.