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Concrete Technology

Concrete technology is the comprehensive understanding of various scientific principles and engineering techniques, aimed at the advancement and refinement of concrete's application as a construction material. Concrete technology encompasses a wide range of topics, including concrete composition, aggregate selection, admixtures, curing methods, testing procedures, and advancements in materials and construction techniques. By harnessing its principles, we can foster the development of resilient, durable, and environmentally sustainable structures. It directly influences essential attributes such as structural integrity, longevity, cost-effectiveness, and eco-efficiency in construction projects. 

Concrete, comprising constituents of cement, air, water, sand, and gravel, possesses inherent qualities such as compressive strength, density, porosity, durability, insulation, and fire resistance. These inherent advantages render concrete a readily accessible and cost-effective choice for a diverse range of projects. The versatility of concrete makes it a staple in structural applications for both residential and commercial buildings as well as for infrastructure development of roads and footpaths. Concrete is also durable, meaning it can resist weathering, natural disasters, and erosion; making it the prime choice for projects ranging from small-scale residential constructions to large-scale infrastructure projects. The constant development of concrete technology further positions this construction material in direct competition with other alternatives across various parameters. 

Komerco offers a range of concrete technology including Admixtures, Curling Compounds, Finishing Aids, Form Release Agents, and Surface Hardeners from renowned brands including Parchem, Masters Builders Solutions, and Sika. To explore our comprehensive range and learn more about these brands, contact us today.