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Gripset's Best Selling Waterproofing Products & What They Do

Effective waterproofing is often overlooked when building or renovating a home, yet is one of the most essential steps in construction to prevent structural damage and the protection of a homes’ contents. When choosing the correct waterproofing system, it is crucial to consider the quality of the waterproofing products used to ensure longevity, performance and peace of mind. The use of substandard waterproofing materials can result in the high cost of future repairs, disruption to the project, the damage of contents and much more. 

Australian made Gripset products offer the highest quality of waterproofing systems to reduce the likelihood of any damage caused by water ingress. In this article, we will look into more detail at Komerco’s best selling Gripset waterproofing products and where they can be used. 

Before we explore Gripset products, who are Gripset?

Gripset is a leading manufacturer of waterproofing products and solutions. Gripset has helped the Australian construction industry create damp free buildings and homes that last a lifetime. Gripset products are effective in preventing water damage or major structural defects from occurring, as well as avoiding dampness issues such as termite damage, efflorescence, mould. Preventative waterproofing is significantly better than finding a repair solution and is a much cheaper long-term option. Gripset products are manufactured in Australia, with their range offering innovative and cost-effective waterproofing systems that are durable and long-lasting. 

Gripset 51

Gripset 51 is a solvent free bitumen rubber liquid membrane that has strong sealing and adhesion properties on several different porous and non-porous surfaces. This liquid membrane is suitable for underground and external applications, and also serves as an anti-rot, rust preventative coating for timber and metal surfaces. This product is non-flammable & non-toxic and highly flexible. Gripset 51 can be used in includes planter boxes, garden beds, roofing repairs, retaining walls and much more. 

Gripset 38FC

The Gripset 38FC is a fibre reinforced SBR latex membrane designed for waterproofing internal and external wet areas under tiles, toppings and overlay finishes. Gripset utilises the latest in fast cure technology to design Gripset 38FC with its unique properties. With this technology, Gripset 38 FC provides rapid recoat and tile over time, which is appropriate for domestic and commercial projects that require a short turnaround time.

Gripset C-Bed 

Gripset C-Bed Premium Grade Engineered Screed is a ready to use screed for flooring that can be used for internal and external applications. This product is versatile and can be used as underlayment for floor coverings, repairs of uneven concrete floors, and many more applications for residential, commercial and industrial purposes. C-Bed Screed is a pre-blended screed that is dimensionally stable, offering excellent adhesion and an easy, fast application. 

Gripset BRW PFN

The Gripset BRW-PFN is a self adhesive fibre reinforced butyl rubber sheet membrane used for waterproofing internal and external areas. The strong adhesive butyl backing provides the surface with a high performance waterproof layer resistant to any movement, vibration or flexing. As this product forms an instant waterproof seal when applied to a surface, there is no down time for drying or curing. Any kind of surface finish and adhesive can be applied directly over this sheet membrane. 

Gripset BRW HD

The Gripset BRW-HD is a HDPE Reinforced Butyl Rubber sheet membrane designed for multi-layered sheet membrane waterproof applications. This product is laminated with high strength HDPE film facing and a high tack butyl backing for extremely strong adhesion to porous and non-porous surfaces. This means the product can withstand high temperatures and is resistant to movement, flexing and vibration. The Gripset BRW-HD allows for direct adhesion of finishes over the sheet membrane including renders, paints, tiles and decorative finishes. 

Gripset C-1P 

The Gripset C-1P 1 Part Flexible Cementitious Membrane is a cementitious polymer membrane for a range of waterproofing applications. This flexible membrane uses unique polymer technology to provide excellent adhesion and waterproofing properties for long term durable solutions. It is resistant to positive and negative water pressure, and suitable for underground applications. Commonly used in basement walls, swimming pools, lift pits and water tanks. 

Gripset 11Y

Gripset 11Y is a high performance latex additive, created to enhance the performance and durability of cement based compounds, improving adhesion strength. With these advantages, this gripset waterproofing product enhances water resistance, waterproof properties and gas permeability. The cement based compound is more durable, has high flexural strength and abrasion resistance. This gripset product can be added to primer, sealing slurries, waterproof renders, repair mortars and many more. 

At Komerco, we stock a wide range of Gripset products in order for our clients to use quality products in their construction projects. We take pride in stocking Gripset products from performance sheets to liquid membrane systems, and many more. With our team having decades of experience, we can provide you with advice on Gripset waterproofing products to ensure you are using high quality construction materials. To learn more about our Gripset waterproofing range, contact our friendly team today