Expanda Foam
Expanda Foam
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Expanda Foam

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Multipurpose polyurethane foam filler

Bostik Expanda Foam® is a one component, multi purpose polyurethane foam that will not shrink and cures to an airtight, moisture resistant seal. The straw adapter included with each can aids in easy application, especially to fill gaps of all dimensions in the most difficult locations.

Available in 500ml or 750ml

Recommended Uses

  • Applying a sound absorbing layer
  • Applying an acoustic baffle
  • Filling cavities
  • Sealing of openings in roof construction
  • Improving thermal insulation in cooling systems

Product Details

  • Ozone safe
  • Interior or exterior usage
  • Fills large or small gaps
  • Seals, fills, bonds and insulates
  • Cured foam can be cut, sanded, plastered or painted to a neat finish
  • Will not shrink
  • Moisture resistant
  • A great insulator against heat and cold
  • Straw applicator for easy application at any angle
  • Greatly reduces noise, dust, draughts and blocks access by rodents