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MasterFinish 222 200 Litre Pail

MasterFinish 222

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General Purpose Formwork Release Agent

How does MasterFinish 222 work?

MasterFinish 222 is a low viscosity, chemical release agent for all types of concrete formwork.

Recommended uses:

  • Use on all types of formwork to enable clean stripping of forms and provide excellent architectural finishes.
  • Use in all concrete construction whether "in situ", precast or prestressed.
  • Application to wheelbarrows, trowels, buckets and other construction tools to facilitate cleaning and provide temporary protection against rusting.
  • Application to metal window and door frames to prevent adhesion of cement and mortar splashes during construction

What makes MasterFinish 222 a unique solution?

MasterFinish 222 reacts with the alkalis and water at the interface of the concrete and formwork to produce a thin film of lime soap which breaks the bond enabling the formwork to be readily stripped.

What are the benefits of MasterFinish 222?

  • No discolouration or blotchiness, provides stain-free, "off-form" architectural concrete finishes
  • High coverage rate MasterFinish 222 is economical to use
  • Suitable for use with normal, off-white and coloured concrete
  • Leaves no residue on concrete finish
  • Excellent "off-form" finish - produces a clear reproduction of formwork texture and sharp concrete features
  • Reduces the incidence of air pockets and tendency of surface spalling at corners
  • Will not impair the bond of subsequent applications of paint, render or tiles
  • Preserves and waterproofs timber forms and inhibits rusting of steel forms in use or storage
  • Protects aluminium windows and door frames from plaster and mortar splashes
  • Easy to use, requires no mixing on site