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MasterFlow 618 10kg Kit

MasterFlow 618

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Heavy duty epoxy resin grout

How does MasterFlow 618 work? 

MasterFlow 618 is a solvent-free rapid hardening, high strength grout, based on modified epoxy resin and is designed for use as a precision, heavy duty chocking grout for engineering applications.  It is supplied as a two component system consisting of epoxy resin, combined with inert fillers and the hardener, to produce a high viscosity flowable liquid grout.

Recommended uses:

  • Machinery with high dynamic loads and vibration
  • Backing of steel liners of ore crushing machinery in mines and quarries
  • In corrosive environments where chemicals, oils and solvents make cementitious grouts unsuitable
  • Production line equipment that must resume operations with minimum downtime
  • Machinery base plates, crane rails, anchor bolts hold down bolts and heavy equipment where tensile strength greater than cementitious systems can provide are required

MasterFlow 618 is not recommended where the temperature of the grout after mixing and placing cannot be maintained above 15°C for a period of 48 hours to achieve full cure Where a maximum thickness is greater than 50 mm; then additional aggregate may be incorporated (refer to Master Builders Solutions); Do not use where upper operating temperature is in excess of 100°C

What are the unique features of MasterFlow 618? 

MasterFlow 618 is resistant to vibration and impact – particularly applicable where cycles of compression/ tension make cementitious grouts unsuitable.

What are the benefits of MasterFlow 618?

  • Minimum shutdown – high early and ultimate strengths
  • Excellent chemical resistance – maximum protection against attack from mineral acids, oils, fats, fuels, and strong alkali and salt solutions and lubricating and hydraulic oils
  • High bond strength – tenacious adhesion to prepared surfaces
  • Supplied in pre-measured kits – eliminates the need for complicated on-site measuring and ensured product performance