MasterFlow 648 Normal Flow 57L Kit

MasterFlow 648 Normal Flow

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High flow epoxy resin grout

Masterflow 648 is a solvent-free, high flow epoxy resin based grout system.  Supplied as a three-component system, the final viscosity and flow characteristics can be adjusted to suit the particular project and application by varying the quantity of Part C that is used.

Recommended uses:

  • Precision alignment of machinery, compressors and prime movers in the gas transmission and other industries
  • Foundations under crusher ball mills, slab tables and other equipment in the steel industry
  • The pulp and paper, chemical processing, mining and power industries for a wide variety of applications
  • Application requiring fast turnaround with high early and seven day compressive strengths

What are the unique features of MasterFlow 648?

Masterflow 648  provides high early and 7 day strengths as well as excellent resistance to high operating temperatures and crack inducing vibration.

What are the benefits of MasterFlow 648?

  • High flow – effective grouting of even narrow gaps and large baseplates
  • High tensile and flexural strengths – efficient transfer of operational loads to foundation including high dynamic loads
  • High strengths even at elevated temperatures – maintains alignment and level even with elevated baseplate temperatures
  • High bond strength - protects machine from vibrations by effective dampening
  • High resistance to creep – maintains alignment and level over long time
  • Good chemical resistance – durable even when exposed to many industrial chemical
  • High early strengths – allows early load transfer and rapid commissioning of machines
  • Variable fill ratio – flowability can be optimised for ease of application and to maximise the cost of effectiveness with the limitations of the aggregate loadings listed