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MasterMatrix 220 18kg Bag

MasterMatrix 220

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Rheology Modifying Additive for Concrete & Shotcrete

MasterMatrix 220 is an innovative additive that modifies rheology in a wide variety of concrete products and cement based applications. MasterMatrix 220 is an ultra-fine mineral based powder containing bundles of sub-micron particles.

MasterMatrix 220 is recommended for use in a variety of applications requiring rheology modification and control such as:

  • Tremie concrete for piles & diaphragm walls
  • Super Workable Concrete & Self Compacting Concrete
  • Shotcrete
  • Precast concrete
  • Manufactured concrete products (blocks, pavers & retaining walls)
  • Underwater concrete
  • Mortar and grouts
  • Geopolymer concrete

What makes MasterMatrix 220 a unique solution?

When well dispersed in wet cementitious materials, the particles interact to form a network that entraps liquid and smaller cementitious particles and keeps larger particles suspended.

What are the benefits of MasterMatrix 220?

  • Provides control of bleed water
  • Reduces potential for segregation
  • Improves paste quality, cohesion & rheology
  • Imparts some anti-washout properties
  • Improves pumpability of concrete & grouts
  • Reduces shotcrete rebound
  • Improves surface consolidation & finish

MasterMatrix 220 may affect water content, target slump and admixture dosage, depending upon temperature and their proportions. Lab and field trials should be conducted to achieve desired performance.