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MasterMatrix 362 20 Litres Pail

MasterMatrix 362

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Viscosity-enhancing & Rheology Controlling Liquid Admixture


MasterMatrix is a ready-to-use, liquid admixture that is specially developed for producing concrete with enhanced viscosity and controlled rheological properties. Concrete with MasterMatrix 362 admixture exhibits superior stability, increasing resistance to segregation and facilitating placement and consolidation. MasterMatrix 362 meets AS 1478 for Type SN admixtures

Recommended uses:

  • Concrete containing “gap-graded” aggregates
  • Lean concrete mixtures
  • Concrete containing manufactured sand
  • Concrete as a pumping aid
  • Concrete as a finishing aid
  • Concrete mixtures requiring “more body”
  • Rheodynamic® Self-Consolidating Concrete (SCC) or Super Workable Concrete (SWC)
  • Liquid Sand™

What are the unique features of MasterMatrix 362?

Exhibits superior stability, resistance to segregation and facilitates placement and consolidation.

What are the benefits of MasterMatrix 362?

  • Modifies viscosity of concrete
  • Easy to dispense
  • Controls bleeding
  • Modifies rheological properties
  • Provides flexibility in mixture proportioning and batching
  • Provides concrete stability during transport and placement
  • Reduces segregation, even with highly-fluid concrete mixtures
  • Enhances pumping and finishing
  • Enhances surface appearance
  • Provides superior and predictable in-place concrete properties
  • Facilitates production of highly-fluid mixtures such as Rheodynamic® Self-Consolidating Concrete (SCC) or Super Workable Concrete (SWC)