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MasterMatrix 614 20 Litres

MasterMatrix 614

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Pumpability & Finishability Concrete Aid 

MasterMatrix 614 is an admixture designed to aid the pumpability and finish of concrete. MasterMatrix 614 prevents excessive wear of concrete pumps and increases output. MasterMatrix 614 is non-flammable, non-staining and essentially non-toxic.

MasterMatrix 614 is especially suitable for concrete with the inclusion of manufactured sands, lean mixes, concretes with deficient grading and lack of fines, also for long pumping distances..

What makes MasterMatrix 614 unique solution?

MasterMatrix 614 provides a thixotropic quality to the concrete that improves cohesiveness, workability, pumpability and finishability characteristics

How you will enjoy the benefits of MasterMatrix 614?

  • Improves pump output
  • Reduces wear of concrete pumps and lines
  • Improves consistency of concrete flow
  • Reduces pump pressure