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MasterPolyheed 8960 20 Litre Pail

MasterPolyheed 8960

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Versatile Mid-range Water-Reducer for Manufactured Sands

MasterPolyheed 8960 is a versatile mid-range water reducing admixture designed for workability and rheology enhancement.
MasterPolyheed 8960 is a chloride-free admixture and compatible with all types of cements and supplementary cementitious materials approved under Australian and New Zealand standards.
MasterPolyheed 8960 complies with AS 1478.1-2000 Chemical Admixtures for Concrete, Type MWR.​

Recommended uses:

  • All types of concrete such as footings, slabs, driveways, etc
  • Mixes where optimum efficiency of mix water content and workability is required
  • Improving the performance of both pumped and conventionally placed concrete
  • Applications where good rheology, easier screeding and finishing are desired

What makes MasterPolyheed 8960 unique solution?

MasterPolyheed 8960 has been specifically developed to enhance the overall optimum performance in terms of water reduction, workability, cohesion, rheology, pumpability and finishing. MasterPolyheed 8960 is robust in lean mixes and concrete containing manufactured sands.

What are the benefits of MasterPolyheed 8960?

  • Improved performance of mixes containing manufactured sands
  • Reduced water content for a given workability
  • Improved workability retention
  • Reduced segregation particularly in lean mixes
  • Improved pumpability resulting in lower pump pressures
  • Easier placing and finishing