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MasterPozzolith 80 20 Litres Pail

MasterPozzolith 80

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Water-reducing & Strength Increasing Admixture

MasterPozzolith 80 is a ready-to-use, liquid admixture for producing better, more uniform, quality concrete.  It meets and exceeds AS 1478 Type WR, requirements for admixtures.

MasterPozzolith 80 is recommended for use in concrete where normal or retarded setting characteristics and improved performance are desired.  It improves pumped concrete, shotcrete (wet mix) and conventionally placed concretes.  It also improves plain, reinforced, precast, prestressed, lightweight or standard weight concretes.  MasterPozzolith 80 is an excellent water reducer to use where low drying shrinkage concrete is desired

What are the unique features of MasterPozzolith 80?

MasterPozzolith 80 It reduces the quantity of mixing water required to produce concrete of a given consistency, with greater economy, for a given strength. 

What are the benefits of MasterPozzolith 80?

In the plastic concrete:

  • Improved finishing characteristics for flatwork and cast surfaces
  • Improved workability (using less water)
  • Reduced segregation
  • Greater pumpability

In the hardened concrete:

  • Better finished appearance
  • Increased strength (compressive, flexural and bond of concrete to steel)
  • Reduced permeability - improved watertightness
  • Greater durability
  • Reduced drying shrinkage