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MasterProtect 1812 6kg Kit (Pt A & B) Curtain Call

MasterProtect 1812

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Chemically resistant epoxy coating for marine and water handling structures

How does MasterProtect 1812 work?

MasterProtect 1812 is a two component, solvent free, pitch free epoxy resin system to provide a high build coating that protects concrete and metal substrates from a wide range of aggressive chemicals.

Recommended uses:

  • Sewage treatment tanks & pipelines
  • Effluent treatment tanks, drains, pipes
  • Splash zone of off -shore structures
  • Structures exposed to sulphate attack
  • Below ground protection to concrete & metal structures
  • Chemically resistant flooring for the food and beverage installations
  • Suitable for surfaces in contact with potable water

What are the unique features of MasterProtect 1812?

MasterProtect 1812 is suitable for both industrial, marine and food and beverage environments being resistant to a broad spectrum of chemicals.

What are the benfits of MasterProtect 1812?

  • Resists abrasion - suitable for contact with grit containing streams
  • Two colours - for on-site QA
  • Adheres to damp surfaces – suitable for marine environments
  • Easy application – brush, roller or spray