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MasterProtect H 1150 20 Litres Pail

MasterProtect H 1150

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Silane based thixotropic paste hydrophobic impregnant

How does MasterProtect H 1150 work?

MasterProtect H 1150 is an aqueous cream of octyltriethylsilane water repelling impregnant for all types of cement based materials.

MasterProtect H 1150 is recommended for impregnating reinforced concrete used in building bridges, roads and buildings. It can also be used as a primer for anti-carbonation paints such as MasterProtect 150 and 160.  It may be used on any concrete substrate that has been treated previously with alkoxysilane based impregnating agents.

What are the unique features of MasterProtect H 1150?

MasterProtect H 1150 is a unique impregnating agent because it is thixotropic. It has an outstanding ability to impregnate high-quality concrete and reinforced concrete.

What are the benefits of MasterProtect H 1150?

  • Forms layer in the concrete matrix – stop water ingress but allows structure to breathe
  • Forms a barrier to dissolved salts – prevents damage by salt spray
  • Forms a barrier to carbonated waters (acid rain) – protection against damage from carbonation
  • Dramatic reduction in water absorption – reduction in potential corrosion rate of reinforcing steel
  • Primer for anti-carbonation paints - Provides good adhesion for subsequent paint coatings
  • Low volatility – applies as a crème and thus suitable for application in exposed situations
  • Thixotropic - may by applied without loss of material in windy conditions