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MasterRoc HCA 20 (Delvo) 20 Litres Pail

MasterRoc HCA 20 (Delvo)

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Chemical, Cement Hydration Control Admixture

MasterRoc HCA 20 is a unique chemical admixture that controls the dynamics of cement hydration, suspending the process.  Using one of BASF’s shotcrete accelerators, the hydration process can be reactivated hours or even days later.

MasterRoc HCA 20 is suitable for all fields of wet or dry shotcrete.  The principal applications are:

  • Tunnelling and mining
  • Temporary protection or final linings of e.g. roads, railways, city tubes, mines, hydropower projects and sewer tunnels
  • Engineered structures
  • Temporary protection or final wall of e.g. working pits and construction slopes
  • Repair of concrete structures
  • Injection suspensions

What are the unique features of MasterRoc HCA 20?

MasterRoc HCA 20 is a liquid admixture for wet or dry shotcrete mixes, stabilising setting and hardening.  In comparison to traditional retarders, MasterRoc HCA 20 controls hydration of all cement minerals.

How does MasterRoc HCA 20 benefit customers?

  • Batched wet or dry, shotcrete mixes remain fresh for up to 3 days
  • Fully flexible delivery options for manufactured shotcrete
  • No cleaning of pumps or pipes during work interruptions, for up to 24 hours
  • Complete use of wet and dry mixes
  • Interruptions and storage do not affect fresh shotcrete properties
  • Expensive bagged material can be replaced by economical job site mixes
  • Considerable reduction of rebound and dust
  • Reduced waste disposal and irritation to humans
  • Simpler and lower risk construction program by enabling better scheduling and easier planning
  • Time and cost-saving through better allocation of material, equipment and manpower
  • Considerable savings of overall construction costs and financing
  • MasterRoc HCA 20 stabilised shotcrete mixes exhibit the properties of fresh shotcrete for 3 to 72 hours without loss of quality
  • MasterRoc HCA 20 provides total flexibility from batching through delivery and storage for application of wet or dry mixes