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MasterSeal CR 435 Box of 15 x 600ml Cartridges

MasterSeal CR 435

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High performance chemically resistant polyurea hybrid joint sealant

How does MasterSeal CR 435 work?

MasterSeal CR 435 is a two component, chemically curing, hybrid polyurea sealant.
MasterSeal CR 435 is recommended for active, exterior and interior joints that demand extreme chemical resistance. MasterSeal CR 435 is used in conjunction with Ucrete flooring surfaces where resistance to heat, moisture and chemicals is required.  MasterSeal CR 435 can be used on horizontal applications including trafficable surfaces on floors and bunds. Substrates include concrete, polyurethane concrete, novalac epoxies and chemically resistant epoxies.

What are the unique features of MasterSeal CR 435?

MasterSeal CR 435 exhibits high chemical resistance, moisture insensitivity during curing and is UV resistant, resulting in good durability.

What are the benefits of MasterSeal CR 435?

  • Chemically resistant UV stable polyurea technology - non-staining, non-yellowing, non-chalking for use internally and externally
  • Medium modulus - excellent puncture and abrasion resistance for heavy traffic areas.
  • Easily gunable and low viscosity - easy tooling and finishing
  • Chemical cure – cures independently of the ambient temperature or relative humidity and will cure at or near freezing
  • Movement capability +/- 25% - expands and contracts with joint movement
  • Excellent chemical resistance - ideal in food or petroleum environments
  • Fast cure - allows return to service after one hour at 20C