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MasterTop 505 4.5kg Bag

MasterTop 505

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Rapid-setting Feather-finish Cementitious Floor Underlayment

MasterTop 505 is used to finish and smooth a variety of surfaces including concrete, underlayments, wood, residential vinyl, ceramic/quarry tiles, terrazzo and adhesives.  Combined with water, it mixes to a creamy smooth consistency for ease of application.  MasterTop 505 is a rapid setting, aggregate-free, polymer modified cement-based finishing underlayment.

Recommended uses:

  • Skim coating and smoothing rough concrete
  • For filling minor voids, holes and cracks in concrete and underlayments
  • Levelling and smoothing wood underlayment seams and joints
  • Levelling and filling embossed sheet goods
  • Skim coating over ceramic tile
  • Skim coating over adhesive residue or membranes that are thin, well bonded, structurally sound and non-water soluble

What are the unique features of MasterTop 505?

MasterTop 505 is a cost effective means to level floors and create a smooth finish.

What are the benefits of MasterTop 505?

  • Rapid setting – downtime is minimised for lower installed cost
  • Compatible with most flooring adhesives – one product for numerous applications
  • Can be feather-edged – high coverage rates yield lower overall material costs
  • No priming – extra steps and time are eliminated
  • One-component polymer modified – only water is needed for mixing