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ReoCo 80/60-HT

ReoCo 80/60-HT

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High-performance Aspect Ratio Steel Fibre 

ReoCo 80/60-HT is a superior performance, high aspect ratio fibre designed to deliver exceptional results in high-performance concrete applications. Engineered as a Type 1, cold-drawn, high-tensile, hook-end fibre, ReoCo 80/60-HT offers the potential to replace structural reinforcement in certain applications. It is ideal for high-load concrete slab-on-ground applications in warehousing, mining, and workshops, as well as for suspended slabs, structural steel replacement, precast segments in tunnelling projects, bridge T-beams, and bridge decks. Made from bright low-carbon steel wire and supplied in degradable glue-collated fibres, ReoCo 80/60-HT ensures superior performance and even dispersion throughout the concrete mix. 


  • Tensile strength: 1,800 MPa
  • Youngs Modulus: 210 GPa
  • Specific gravity: 7.93


  • Delivers outstanding reinforcement and crack control, exceeding conventional methods.
  • Ensures uniform distribution throughout the concrete mix for consistent performance.
  • Site Safety: Enhances site safety with reduced reliance on traditional reinforcement methods.
  • Improves concrete durability and toughness, providing long-lasting structural integrity.
  • Suitable for a wide range of applications, including high-load slabs, suspended slabs, structural steel replacement, precast tunnelling segments, and bridge components.