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Sika Ferrogard 500 Crete 310ml

Sika Ferrogard 500 Crete

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The Sika FerroGard-500 Crete is a 1-part, pre-mixed mortar packaged in a sealant cartridge. The Sika FerroGard-500 Crete mortar is used in the installation of the galvanic Sika FerroGard Patch and Sika FerroGard Patch CC anode units. The cure time and physical properties have been designed to simplify installation and optimise performance. Suitable for tropical and hot climatic conditions.


Sika FerroGard-500 Crete may only be used by experienced professionals. Sika FerroGard-500 Crete optimises the performances of Sika FerroGard Patch and Sika FerroGard Patch CC anodes. 


  • ▪ Specially formulated for application 
  • Pre-mixed for ease of use 
  • Single component 
  • Simple installation 
  • Long shelf life
  • Eliminates inconsistency associated with on-site mixing of mortars 
  • Minimal site labour requirement reduces costs 
  • Absence of site batching minimises waste