Sika Waterbars - V20 20m Roll V20 20m Roll

Sika Waterbars - V20 20m Roll

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PVC V20 profile waterstops for joint sealing

Sika Waterbars are flexible waterstops based on plasticized PVC, produced in specific profiles to seal construction and expansion joints when cast in concrete. They are available in a range of different sizes and types according to their use.


Sika Waterbars are used to waterproof constructions and expansion joints in concrete structures. Ideal for use in water retaining structures including reservoirs, canals, sewage plants, dams, swimming pools etc. Plus those in the watertight construction of many buildings and structures including large basements, underground carparks, subways and sea walls etc.

Characteristics / Advantages

  • High quality PVC for long durability
  • Suitable for high water pressure
  • Easy to weld on site
  • Many different sizes and types available, dependent on the application