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SikaDur 53 Kit 18kg Kit

SikaDur 53 Kit

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Water-displacing Pourable Epoxy Resin Grout

Sikadur®-53 is a pourable, multi-functional high density epoxy grout based on a 2-component solvent free epoxy resin system containing fine fillers. Sikadur®-53 exhibits excellent insolubility and displacement characteristics in wet and underwater applications but useable in dry general grouting applications also.



Sikadur®-53 may be used for underwater and dry grouting work and offers excellent adhesion to both dry and clean water immersed concrete, stone masonry, brick, wood or steel surfaces. Highly insoluble in water and safe for specialist diver use. Used for injection of cracks 0.5mm to 40mm wide under water (cracks not conducting a water flow under pressure). Ideal for pile jacketing using prepacked aggregate in formwork. Mixed with 30% by volume sand a high build grout is formed that is easy to apply under water. Sikadur®-53 may be used to grout starter bars, baseplate grouting and bolts for dry and underwater construction work. The material may also be used as a bonding bridge for underwater concreting and as a pipeline jointing material.  


  • Suitable for dry, wet, underwater or marine applications.
  • Applicable at low temperatures.
  • High mechanical strengths.
  • Highly insoluble in water and suitable for application by specialist divers.
  • Supplied in factory proportioned units.
  • Shrink free.
  • Can be bulked out with aggregate of thicker pour applications
  • Excellent chemical resistance to water, sea water, waste water, sewage, fuels, oils, dilute acids and dilute alkalis.
  • To be used in conjunction with Sika Pile Jacket systems for rehabilitation of concrete and timber piles in marine applications.