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SikaGrout Deep Pour 20kg Bag

SikaGrout Deep Pour

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Ready-to-use Flowable Deep Pour Grout

SikaGrout® -Deep Pour is a ready mixed, high quality, Portland cement grout that expands in two stages to counteract the shrinkage normally associated with Portland cement grouts. SikaGrout-Deep Pour is a blend of Portland cement, carefully selected and graded aggregates and Sika Admixtures, enabling it to achieve high strengths in short times, making SikaGrout-Deep Pour suitable for grouting of large sections and deep pours of up to 500mm

  • High thickness structural grout for large section grouting in one pour
  • Layer thickness 20mm-500m
  • Excellent impact, vibration and thermal resistance
  • High early and final strength
  • 60MPa @ 28 days, 12 MPa @ 1 day
  • Non-corrosive

Recommended Use

  • Machine bedplates
  • Anchor bolts
  • Bridge bearing pads
  • Pre-cast concrete sections
  • Crane rail soleplates

Product Characteristics & Advantages

  • Shrinkage compensating properties
  • High early strengths
  • High 28 day strengths
  • Good flow characteristics
  • Adjustable consistency
  • Does not segregate or bleed
  • Good impact, vibration and thermal resistance
  • Non corrosive to steel or iron
  • Lab tested in accordance with AS 1478.2