Soudagum LM (White)

Soudagum LM (White)

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Flexible membrane for waterproofing internal surfaces

Soudagum LM is a polymer dispersion with mineral fillers, a plasticizer, a flow controlling agent and preservation additives. It is a fast-drying, ready to use, solvent free, thixotropic paste. Once applied on a level surface and cured, it will turn into a flexible membrane for waterproofing internal surfaces.

Features & Benefits

  • Class III membrane (Test Report #: 7941)
  • Re-coat in 4 hours
  • Tile over in 12 hours
  • Permanently elastic
  • Ideal for trade and DIY


Liquid waterproofing membrane for internal wet areas such as bathrooms, showers and laundries over concrete, cement renders, gypsum boards. Flexible and resistant membrane for the waterproofing of indoor floor and wall surfaces of wet rooms with temporary standing water, which will be covered by ceramic tiles. The surfaces should not be subject to constant immersion or rising damp. To be applied before the installation of ceramic tiles.