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TamAcryl 2000 Eco (40kg Kit)

TamAcryl 2000 Eco (40kg Kit)

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TamAcryl 2000 ECO is a blend of acrylic polymers used in conjunction with an accelerator and catalyst system.  Upon mixing of the components, a chemical reaction occurs and a waterproof gel is formed. TamAcryl 2000 ECO is tested according to EN1504-5 in compliance with CE-marking.

Key Benefits

  • Acrylamide Free
  • Ultra-low viscosity
  • Reversible swelling
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Reacts even in the presence of mineral and saline conditions
  • Potable water certified
  • Incorporates anti-corrosion agents

Typical Applications

  • Leak sealing
  • Injection tubes
  • Soil stabilisation
  • Tightening up