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Prevention & Repair of Poorly Bonded Concrete


For two surfaces to bond together, the conditions for adhesion must be right. Generally speaking, the joint should be stronger than the surrounding area, however, under certain conditions, the reverse can happen - resulting in a weak bond that allows the two surfaces to separate. 


These problems can be overcome in internal areas through the use of a wet to dry bonding agent such as MasterEmaco P 157 - an acrylic-latex bonding agent additive that allows the application of a bonding slurry to a previously wetted surface. Alternatively, MasterEmaco 2525 permits application to both wet and dry surfaces - thereby achieving a high joint strength in all circumstances.


For existing poorly bonded or ‘drummy’ concrete - where the work cannot be removed - repairs may be possible through crack injection. 

Komerco supply a wide range of concrete and geotechnical injection systems across a broad spectrum of chemistry types to ensure the right products are used in all circumstances. These include:

  • Hydrophilic polyurethanes
  • Hydrophobic polyurethanes
  • Polyurea Silicates
  • Polyacrylates and Acrylics
  • Colloidal Silicas
  • Structural and non-structural epoxy injection materials
  • Microfine & Ultrafine Cements

Given the highly technical nature of these systems, we recommend getting in contact so one of our Technical Team can provide the appropriate level of assistance with your project.