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Repairing Damaged Concrete Surfaces


Quick setting repair mortar for concrete with damaged edges or corners and/ or for filling honeycombs, cracks, bug holes and gouges. The mortar must be fine enough to enable thin-layer patching, whilst also having the ability to be feather-edged.

MasterEmaco N 5200CI is a ready-to-use, quick setting repair and anchoring mortar, based on selected cements, high-grade quartz sands and synthetic resins. MasterEmaco® N 5200CI contains no chlorides or other salts that may cause corrosion or efflorescence (blooming).


 MasterEmaco S 5400CI - high strength repair mortar
 MasterEmaco N 5100 - polymer modified fairing mortar
MasterEmaco T 920 - shrinkage compensated micro concrete
 MasterEmaco T 545 - superfast strength gain trafficable mortar